How to Find a Very Good Lawyer

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Finding a good Lawyer may be the most important step you can take towards winning your case, and does not have to be a difficult task. If you need a lawyer and want to find a good one, make it easy, and just follow the steps below.
1Determine what type of attorney you need. Some legal situations call for a general practice attorney who handles many different types of cases, and others require someone who specializes in a certain area of the law. Areas of the law in which an attorney may specialize include:
2Collect the website addresses of local attorneys. Check the yellow pages under ‘attorneys’ for ads with website addresses listed on them, use your favorite search engine to run a search for local attorneys, and check listings for attorneys in your area. Obtain at least 5 attorney website addresses. You may not want to eliminate an attorney as a choice simply because he or she does not have a website, however the lack of a website means you may not be able to gather as much information about the attorney as you wish.
3Review the attorneys’ websites. You may be able to remove one or two from your list after doing this. Some things to look for include:
4Make some appointments. Make an appointment with any attorneys remaining on your list. Attorneys are aware of the fact that clients shop around sometimes first, and many offer free consultations to help you do just that. Call and schedule an appointment with each of the attorneys whose website passed the scrutinizing you have done so far.
5Prepare a list of questions for the attorneys. Before meeting with any of the attorneys, prepare a list of 5 questions that you will ask. Some things to think about when preparing your list include:
6Take notes. Bring a notepad and a pen and do not be afraid to take notes! You are going to want to remember as much as you can about attorney you speak with, so that you can make a good decision about which one to hire, so you need to make sure you remember what each one says and what your thoughts about him or her were while you were talking.
7Narrow your list down to the top two. Review each of the attorneys’ answers to your questions and evaluate him or her each based on their staff, the answers given during your meeting with them, and your impressions at that time (as written in your meeting notes). Choose the two attorneys you like best and eliminate the rest from your list.
8Check online reviews. See what current and former clients say about the two attorneys remaining on your list. While a few bad reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, many bad reviews where former clients all complain about the same thing may be something to consider. Reputable websites for attorney reviews include:
Avvo offers a searchable directory of attorneys including client reviews.
Findlaw provides a Lawyer directory on its site, featuring detailed attorney profiles as well as client reviews. offers a searchable database of attorneys containing both Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review RatingsTM and Client Review Ratings.
Yahoo Local provides local attorney information including client reviews.
9Talk to friends and family. Ask friends and family members about the attorneys remaining on your list. Even those who have not hired either of the attorneys may know one or both of them and be able to provide you with a character reference.
When meeting with attorneys in order to choose the one best for you, pay careful attention to how his or her staff behaves. Are they professional and polite? Do they appear busy and engaged in their work, or spend their time chatting with co-workers? Lawyers often delegate a certain amount of work to their staff, so you want to choose an attorney with a good one!